Leadership Team

GRG Team

Keith & Susan Spurgin

Keith & Susan reside in Wylie, TX where Keith pastors a local church and Susan works as a realtor. As of 2016, they are officially empty nesters with 4 married children & several grandchildren. They each have a unique flavor that enhances the other… between Susan’s honesty, attention to detail, and refreshing authenticity and Keith’s visionary drive and passionate pursuit of all things “onward”, you find yourself swept up in a real world adventure. They share a winning combination of tangible intentionality and steadfast commitment towards each other and towards their own personal growth.

Jeremy Price

Jeremy is one of those rare combinations. He’s an artist who leads an organization (Ten Thousand Homes) and has a deep abiding love for his wife, Jen and their two kids Joshua and Emma Grace. Jeremy loves to experience new things, meet new people and travel. He’s the kind of person who can walk into any situation and meet the person everyone wants to know. This ability to open doors that are shut to others and develop long term relationships speaks to his apostolic call and passion for the nations.

Kavin & Alicia Tubbs

Kavin & Alicia have a unique Prophetic Call working together as a couple and individually. They have been in ministry for over 25 years serving in a variety of capacities and working with leaders all over the world. Alicia carries a powerful prophetic calling that brings intimacy and life to all she engages. . Over the years she has developed an ear for the Father’s heart and shares from that perspective. She teaches from personal experience and a life of deep devotion. Kavin’s is an experienced CPA and Executive that is passionate about seeing others released fully into the business and non-profit spheres. Working with the local church and helping people and leaders better understand the prophetic and how to develop a healthy prophetic culture is an area where Kavin and Alicia work together as a couple.

Wendy Good

Wendy Good lives in Wylie, TX. She is married to Eric and they have 3 sons, Jamin, Ethan, and Brandon. They love traveling, exploring, trying new things, laughing and being silly. Besides loving being a wife and mother, Wendy is passionate about Jesus and helping others recognize God’s invitations for transformation in the journey. Wendy has worked with leaders from multiple spheres in multiple countries for nearly 30 years. She loves being a partner in the journey as a Life & Leadership Coach.

Lynn Burgess

Lynn has been involved with GRG from its origins and enjoys investing in different members of the family both locally and abroad. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor at New Hope and has always had a heart to shepherd growing leaders. She is known for her high value for relationship and resisting the cultural pull to do life outside of community.  From an early age, Lynn discovered the beauty of creating FAMILY for others and how it can transform broken lives. She continues to create that in every sphere she steps into.

Ned Berube

Ned Berube recently handed off leadership of a Leadership Network called ARC that he’s led these last 15+ years. He’s been doing life in the Kingdom longer than many of us have been alive. Yes, he’s old…and yet so alive with passion for Jesus and his people. Ned is one of the finest theologians we know and brings a wealth of knowledge, practical experience, and leadership lessons from decades of faithfully serving Jesus.

Jill  Coyle

Jill Coyle met her husband Danny as missionary kids in Hong Kong back in the 90’s. After university, they moved to Beijing and started a church and several businesses. Two years ago, God led them to Texas, where they continue walking with leaders as mentors and life coaches. Jill is passionate about seeing His people equipped, activated, and sent to the nations.

Board of Directors

  • Dan Jensen
    Engineer, San Fransisco, CA
  • James Anderson
    Entrepreneur, Coweta, OK
  • Mark Senitz
    Architect, Midland, TX
  • Keith Spurgin
    Lead Pastor, Wylie, TX

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