Partnering With GRG

GRG Commitment to Partners

· continual prayer by the apostolic team

· apostolic oversight including but not limited to:

· monthly leadership coaching appointment with point leader for s.e.a. (i.e. marriage, family, organization)

· on-site meeting with elder team/core 2x/year (depending on financial commitment)

· one-on-one availability for questions and spiritual input

· financial administrative support (up to 6 months)

· experienced insights on leadership, fund raising, recruiting volunteers, reaching those far from God

· help clarify vision, mission, values

· team building expertise

· annual leadership gathering for cross-pollination, investment, and developing peer relationships

· resource visits from other GRG leaders/experts by arrangement

· coaching for staff and key leaders by arrangement

· one-on-one availability for questions and spiritual input

Member Commitment to GRG:

· point leader and key leaders attend the Growth Weekend annual leader gathering

· 5% of organizations non-designated income to GRG (businesses would be fee based)

· point leader takes responsibility for spiritual and personal growth

· point leader tithes (10%) to GRG

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